About Us

Here at Fiesta Red Florist we are dedicated to being 'the only florist you need to know!' We simply love what we do, we love working in the shop amongst some of the most beautiful blooms nature creates. From celebration bouquets to house plants, garden planters and weddings we offer it all. We are a strong and confident team of two, a duo if you like of creative individuals that work well together within all aspects of floristry.

Rest assured whatever your floristry needs, we will always be on hand to offer our advice and creative ideas & designs best suited for the occasion!

In 2021, Fiesta Red Florist was accredited into The Good Florist Guide - The only merritt based guide to the finest florists in the UK & Republic of Ireland.

Your Florists


Owner and Florist, with a keen interest in plants & gardening, Sally is our go to for any plant enquiries! Sally was new to the world of floristry when she bought the business in 2016, having spent time learning on the job alongside Abbi, Sally's skills as a florist have developed to ensure Fiesta Red's highest standards are always met. Sally also delivers most orders to recipients, having created strong business relationships with our wonderful customers over the years - if you see her, be sure to say hello! Sally has always loved being creative and coming up with new ideas as well as taking on new challenges to keep her busy. Sally is the also is the lady responsible for setting up the ever so successful annual St Marychurch Scarecrow Festival in 2018! So whether she's knee deep in flowers, delivering those all important anniversary flowers or arranging the window or shop displays, Sally's always ready to get stuck in. With a passion to create happiness and willingness to always help others at the heart of everything she does!


Having gained over 8 years experience in the floristry industry, Abbi started out as a Saturday girl before securing an apprenticeship with the previous owner of Fiesta Red. Going on to be awarded a Level 2 City & Guilds Qualification. In March 2016, Sally & Abbi bought the business. Hands on and always prepared to get stuck in, Abbi takes pride in being involved in every aspect of the job. From cleaning buckets, sweeping the floor & making stunning displays to ordering the fresh stock daily, managing the shops online presence. Abbi takes the lead with weddings & funeral work, with an in- depth understanding & knowledge to suit the requirements of the client. With a keen eye for detail, she strives to provide work to the highest standard, Fiesta Red have grown to be known for. Always expanding her knowledge & confidence, adapting to new trends and taking on challenges. Keen to keep the shop fresh, intriguing and a place that customers & clients enjoy.

  • Abbi was Nominated/Finalist in 'The Thirty under 30' Awards 2021.

Customer Satisfaction

As an independent small business we work hard to provide you, our customers whether its your first time using us or your a loyal regular, a service we are proud to put our name too. Therefore we ask if you would mind sparing us a few moments to leave us a review of our service – you can find us on google as ‘Fiesta Red Florist’.

We strive to ensure that every product we sell is of both the freshest and very best quality we can buy. However nearly all our floral products are fresh produce, therefore perishable. They can be affected by factors such as change in temperature, storage condition’s, care & conditioning or seasonality. If you are not completely satisfied with any products, even if you received them as a gift – please contact us within 48 hours to inform us. In most instances we will not be able to offer any alternative without seeing the item, whether this is through photos of in person in order to address what to do next. Sometimes it is not always our choosing or your care – it is a fresh product of nature we work with and therefore sometimes without intention problems with them arise. Sometimes it can be sold to us without intentions of it being unsatisfactory of which we endeavour to replace should this occur.